COVID-19 Vaccination News/Updates

Update 09/12/2020 - We would like to assure our patients that we are currently working on the logistics for delivering the new COVID-19 vaccination to those who are registered with us, but would also like to kindly request that you please do not call the surgery asking for information on the vaccine at present as this is likely to overload the phone system and will cause delayed access to those with a genuine medical requirement to see a GP.

Please be assured that Bethesda will be contacting it's patients as and when they become eligible for the vaccine.

This section of the website will be updated as new information becomes available.

Online Access - PatientAccess, NHS, & Co-Op Apps Incompatibility Notification

Please note that our current prescriptions, appointments, and records service is incompatible with the following systems/apps:

  • PatientAccess
  • NHS Mobile App
  • Co-Op Mobile App

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Online prescription requests for Bethesda Medical Centre can be made online via this website by going to the 'Prescriptions' tab or by clicking this link.  During the COVID pandemic you will be unable to book appointments online.  Appointments can be requested by telephone by calling us on 01843 209300 or alternatively you can request advice from your GP within 3 working days using our new eConsult system.

Flu Clinics - Book your appointment now

We are now booking appointments for 'Flu Vaccinations for eligible patients in a choice of either a Drive-In or On-Foot clinic which we run on certain dates.  Please call us on 01843 209300 to find out when our clinics are available.

We now have a dedicated 'Flu line for patients to book directly, which is available from 9am to 12:30pm daily.  This line can be accessed via the usual menu options.

Please note that due to new NHS guidelines we are now required to ask about your ethnic background.  You do not have to provide this if you do not wish to.  Please speak to a Receptionist for more information.


The surgery is now effectively closed to the visiting public during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, however we are still providing a service via Telephone and Video Consultations where possible.  The only exceptions for visiting the surgery will be if:


  • You are attending a pre-booked appointment which has been arranged by the GP, Nurse, or a member of staff.  These will generally be arranged once we have triaged your query via telephone and we are satisfied that you have cleared the COVID-19 screening process.
  • Your GP or Nurse has asked you personally or verbally to attend in person (please note this does not apply if you have received a letter, email, or SMS text message).
  • Your GP or Nurse has asked you personally or verbally to attend in person to collect an urgent prescription, Med 3/Sick Note, or form.  Please do not visit the surgery unless you have been specifically asked to.




Routine Med3/Sick Notes and prescriptions are no longer available for collection from the surgery for safety reasons.  When requesting a prescription, please ensure you have nominated a preferred pharmacy to which we can send your prescription electronically.  Failure to do this will result in the delay in receiving your medication.

During this time we are happy to post outstanding sick notes to patients if we are sent a pre-paid stamped addressed envelope via mail to prevent unneccesary contact at the surgery.  Please note this only applies to sick notes which have already been agreed and signed by your doctor.  Please call us to arrange this if neccessary.

eConsult Administration Requests - Important

Please note that administration requests submitted via eConsult will have different timelines than that of clinical/medical requests, depending on the type of eConsult submitted.  For example, Med3/Sick Certificates can take up to 5 working days to process, whereas requests for letters, form completions, or medical record etc may take longer depending on the information required.  Please bear this in mind when using eConsult.

For clinical/medical requests, you should expect to receive a response within 48 hours as normal.

**Update 05/11 - Please note that from the 27th November, the expected time of clinical/medical eConsult responses will be extended to 72 hours or sooner by default instead of within 48 hours.  This is due to increasing and higher demand of the eConsult service.**

New Appointments System from February 2020


**Please note: During the COVID-19 crisis, patients will not be able to visit the surgery and will be dealt with by telephone only.  The following information will only apply when the COVID-19 crisis has ended.**


New Problems

From the 11th February 2020 patients with new problems of less than 14 days will be seen in our new problems clinic within 48 working hours.  No need to queue up early, the clinic will be open throughout the day.

You can book an appointment by either visiting the surgery and booking-in at Reception, or by calling us on 01843 209300 for up to days in advance to give us an approximate time or date you can get to us.

For patients with ongoing problems who would like to see a GP, please see below.


Ongoing Problems

From the 25th February 2020 we implemented a new appointments system for patients with ongoing health needs.  From now on, rather than your care being provided by only one GP, you will instead be looked after by a team of clinicians, who will get back to you with plan of your care within 48 working hours.

There will now be 2 teams of clinicians (White and Blue).  Each team will consist of GPs, Acute Care Team members, Nurses, and Healthcare Assistants.


Please download our leaflet here for further information on our new systems.

New Appointments System Leaflet (Website Version).pdf

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